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See how the Virgin Islands SBDC has served its communities.


Working World, LLC

Through SBA and the Virgin Islands SBDC Covid-19 direct assistance, Working World, LLC has been able to continue the process of preparedness in our Adult Educational Training Center which places emphasis on Windows software methods, Adult Literacy, and additional training methods, relative to job placement.


Tickles Dockside Pub, LLC

"Without the help of the SBA and SBDC we would not have survived the beginning months of the Virus and would not be in business today. Whenever we have needed assistance and asked the SBDC for help they were available and eager to do so. We are extremely grateful to the SBA and the SBDC or all of their steadfast help provided to us at Tickles Dockside Pub."


Alvin's Hot Sauces

"COVID19 forced us to retool our manufacturing model. We partnered with the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) in St. Croix for export assistance. After evaluating several funding options, the SBDC helped identify a financial package that will drive our global development and marketing plan. I'm pleased to say that we're already gaining national notoriety with our recent appearance on Netflix's "Restaurants on the Edge" television series."


Studio STX

"The St Croix SBDC greatly helped me with starting and opening my business in late-2019 and has assisted me throughout the tough months this year. With the COVID19 pandemic, I've had to temporarily close twice. During that time at home, my SBDC Counselor guided me through applying for aid, registering and certifying as a WOSB."


PrisCo Consulting, USVI

"While working with the SBDC, I became aware of the SBA's EIDL program. I applied for an EDIL Loan and was awarded $25,000. The monetary infusion provided the financial support I needed to keep my business operating."


506 Scents & Co.

"The St. Croix Small Business Development Center is THE go-to place for business assistance, particularly amidst our present state of health emergency. At the critical time when I needed additional resources to keep my business afloat, the SBDC assisted with an SBA loan."

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