America’s SBDCs help make the dream of small business ownership a reality for more Americans — creating jobs and opportunities that build communities throughout the nation.

See how the Kansas SBDC has served its communities.


Angela's Wellness Center — A Journey of Perseverance

Angela's Wellness Center focuses on massage and cryotherapy. COVID-19 forced the business to close in March. Angela went to the SBDC for assistance in obtaining a PPP, EIDL and consolidation loan. Her adviser built her financials and she reduced debt using the SBA Debt Relief program. She also was forced to relocate with short notice. Angela relocated the business to a building she purchased for another business venture, remodeled it and is now open to the public.




small businesses Attended Spanish language business assistance training


I firmly believe the KSBDC does great work in helping young entrepreneurs understand what needs to be done to create a successful business. They do not offer a crutch, but tools to use towards your business future.

Heather Nicolet, Owner, SS Graphics


Kansas SBDC is an Advocate for Tech Success

Tim Carty of EMP Shield, a tech company in rural Kansas, speaks to the level of assistance and advocacy they have received from their regional SBDC office and the Kansas SBDC Tech Commercialization Center.


Dod Installations, Inc. On Track in spite of COVID with SBDC Help

The SBDC has helped with the CARES ACT program and the processing of a PPP loan in the amount of $47,500.00. "This loan was very helpful in surviving as an essential business during the difficult times of Covid-19 and the high turnover of employees. We believe due to their counsel and experience, our business has thrived and we are thrilled to share that we are on track to have our most profitable year this year in all of our 30 years in business."


We really wish we would have talked to the SBDC much earlier in the process and ultimately when we paused to start over, it was the SBDC staff that helped us get it right. We benefitted almost immediately from our interactions with the SBDC.

Jeremy Jackson, Partner, Anneal Initiative


My tech coach and advisor, Jack has been nothing short of a miracle, he is patient and very knowledgeable, and a great resource. The Kansas SBDC's small business expertise is an important factor for MySmartPlans' success.

Shelley Armato, CEO, MySmartPlans

Network Contact:
Greg Jordan, Interim State Director