America’s SBDCs help make the dream of small business ownership a reality for more Americans — creating jobs and opportunities that build communities throughout the nation.

See how the District of Columbia SBDC has served its communities.


D.C. Seafood Restaurant Proudly Provides Nourishment and Healing to the Local Community

Executive Chef/Owner Brandon Williams and his business partner, Kristal Williams specialize in providing organic and sustainable wild fish burgers. They believe in providing customers with fresh food that is good for their health and the environment.


D.C. Millennials Use Collective Marketing Platform to Offer Complementary Goods in One Location

Founders Kevon King, Mahammad Mangum and Ryan Williams implemented a product strategy that answers the demand for multiple products under one roof. The Village Café is a communal center, café, and impact space connecting entrepreneurs and creatives.


SBDC Helps SolutionsMET, LLC Advance in the Government Market

Michael Charles, owner and software-based solutions expert was looking for better ways in which to connect with his target market as well as obtain a better understanding of the process for entering the local and federal government market. Since his initial meeting with the SBDC in 2020, Michael has increased his staff from four to eight and this number is growing fast. As Michael prepares to obtain his 8A-Certification, he is positioning his business for advancement in the government market.


Navigating COVID-19: Concierge Medical Practice Finds Support with the SBDC

Dr. Anjula Agrawal knew that she needed to develop strategies for sustaining existing connections and evoke avenues for the development of new connections with the onset of the COVID-19 crisis. To ensure continuity of her concierge medial practice, she sought assistance from the SBDC. With the guidance received, she established connections with over 80 patients, set up new operational efficiencies and enhanced marketing strategies to remain open and maintain an exemplary level of service.


Through the DCSBDC, I've been able to launch two successful businesses! The confidence, information and support I've received has propelled me from wishing I had the resources to get started, to... obtaining bookings!

Gayle Danley, Founder and CEO of Poetry Pros


My (DCSBDC) counselor taught me that you must know your costs and especially your cost of goods sold! Small business counseling has been an asset to me ... in the food service industry.

Angela Chester-Johnson, Founder and Owner of Plum Good