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See how the Massachusetts SBDC has served its communities.


Vegetarian Restaurant Opens a Day before COVID-19 Pandemic Hits

A client of the MSBDC Southeast Regional Office since 2019, Peter Duff received services to create a vegan catering business and later purchased a small vegetarian restaurant. The chef/owner said, "When I decided to buy my restaurant, I relied solely on the MSBDC for help in putting together my business plan and loan package." Peter received a $40,000 loan which created two full- and four part-time jobs. Peter has also been offering healthy takeout and delivery during the COVID pandemic.


Pandemic Threatens the Work, Investment and Dedication of Company

Veteran- and woman-owned small business owners Eric and Elizabeth Schuster knew their company, Boston Pedorthic, was threatened when the pandemic began. Through MSBDC advising and training, the company was able to receive the financial assistance needed to continue operating. An SBA EIDL advance, EIDL low-interest loan, and PPP provided financial reserves until patients returned. Elizabeth says, "It was a pleasure to work with the MSBDC. I could relax, trusting that we were in competent hands."


MetroWest Business Owner Reacts to Economic Pandemic

Ryan Gagne, franchise owner of VentureX, has been an active MSBDC client since 2018 when he launched his business and obtained a $1M loan. As a first-time entrepreneur, Ryan attributes the successful launch of his venture to the competitive analyses, strategic planning, and financial modeling assistance provided by the MSBDC. At the beginning of the pandemic, Ryan received assistance on CARES Act funding and ideas about how to survive and then expand his business.


MSBDC Massachusetts Export Center Helps OCEANAIR with PPE for Frontline COVID Workers

The MSBDC helped OCEANAIR, Inc. to import personal protective equipment for hospitals, when Massachusetts was among the early COVID-19 hotspots. Joseph Wyson, Executive Vice President of OCEANAIR says, "In my 42 years in the global trade industry, this was one of the most memorable and important initiatives that I had the pleasure to be a part of. It would not have been possible without the support of the MSBDC. They play an important role in connecting the global trade community locally."


Meet Your Next Customers...and They Aren't Who You Think!

We've been preparing for Millennials to be our "next" customers for 20 years... now they're already our customers. Meet Gen Z. Learn what drives this generation that includes 40% of US consumers — with $44 billion in buying power.


The MSBDC advisor's rich understanding of the SBIR funding process and grant world is nothing short of phenomenal. AuCoDe is fortunate to have access to the wealth of experience and crisp editorial comments on our federal grant proposals.

Shiri Dori-Hacohen, CEO & Founder of AuCoDe


Southampton Company Develops Solution to Clean Indoor Air during Pandemic

Business owners James and Matthew Patterson of Orchard Valley Air Solutions have worked with the Western Regional Office since 2019. Their new company, Future Air Filters, was born out of necessity for clean indoor air during the COVID outbreak. They watched as the tragedy unfolded at the Holyoke Soldiers' Home. Within a week, James built a prototype and developed a solution to combat indoor air pollution and help keep the Veterans safe. The company donated units to the Soldiers' Home and others.