America’s SBDCs help make the dream of small business ownership a reality for more Americans — creating jobs and opportunities that build communities throughout the nation.

See how the Puerto Rico SBDC has served its communities.



Jesus Martes and Marisol Villalobos, owners of Amasar, visited the Arecibo Service Center seeking financial assistance to develop a innovative business opportunity in the production of breadfruit flour in a rural area of PR. The PR-SBTDC assisted them with financial projections and business plan for incentives to purchase equipment and increase the workforce. Amasar was successful in obtaining approval for a manufacturing grant and expanding the production and sales of this innovative product.


Puerto Rico Apparel Manufacturing (PRAMA) Corp.

The San German Service Center assisted PRAMA Corp. with the PPP loan application and allowed it to maintain its manufacturing operation and retain 285 employees. During this pandemic, the company decided to make its social contribution changing its production lines from military uniforms to manufacture face masks. They began to identify nonprofit institutions that provide services to underserved communities and distribute face masks to first responders.


ENCO Manufacturing Corp.

ENCO Manufacturing Corp. is located in Cidra, PR and is part of the paint and coatings manufacturing industry. ENCO Manufacturing Corp. has annual sales of $23.35 million and exports its products to BVI, Panama and Chile. As a result of the pandemic, the client requested assistance from our International Trade Center (ITC) with the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan application. The PPP loan was approved and they were able to retain their 140 employees and create 9 additional jobs.


Bon Bini Bakery

While they were university students, young entrepreneurs Cristina Velez and her husband founded Bon Bini Bakery. With a minimal investment from their savings, they took to the adventure in the bakery industry. The San Germán Service Center assisted him with financing for the purchase of equipment, expanding its sales to other sectors, including Wal-Mart. Thanks to the assistance of PR-SBTDC and their college degrees, Bon Bini Bakery's sales increased 65% in just one year.


Gascó Industrial

Gascó Industrial is a family-owned business created in 2003 focused on manufacturing seasoning products. Entered into cleaning products achieving 65% revenues. Partnered with Pan-American Grain, PR largest distributor of agriculture chemicals.


A Fuego Bar & Restaurant

Roberto Colón Cruz, a Disabled Veteran, and his wife Astrid Velez, a entrepreneur moved to PR in 2016 to start their restaurant. A Fuego Bar & Restaurant, located in the northeast of Puerto Rico, requested assistance from the PR-SBTDC Fajardo Service Center with its business plan and other incentives to start its business. Thanks to our assistance, the business was able to open in July 2017, hiring 27 employees. The name of the restaurant is in honor to the firefighter heroes of 9/11.